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My mother fell and broke her left foot's femur bone in September last year, and then had a metal ball inserted through an operation. She followed all the necessary advice from the doctor regarding sewing and everything, but even after almost 7 months she was still unable to walk without a walker, and even now, for the past two days, she can't even do that as both her ankles are broken!! She took several nerve, calcium and vitamin D-related medicines from Dr. Babu over the past 7 months. My mother is almost 67 years old at present, and if those who read this post are related to any skilled orthopedic specialist in Kolkata or nearby areas, then I would be very grateful if they could connect with me regarding this incident at their home!

2023-05-05 03:07 watchdoq

Dr. Tirthankar Bhattacharya. Apex Institute of Medical Sciences. My mother and sister-in-law got infected with COVID in January 2022, due to which the operation took place almost 15 days later. My mother has been walking with difficulty with the help of a stick for a few months, as she tested positive for COVID. In June 2022, she took an 18-hour flight by plane.

She can do all the household chores. Only for the doctor and the physiotherapist, everything possible has been done. My mother is 70 years old.

Bhattacharya orthopaedic narayanpur Newtown

I know someone named Dr. Dipanjan Bhadra. He works at Ruby General Hospital and visits there frequently. His residence is in Belur. He charges only 200 taka for consultation. He has been my trusted doctor for the past year. I wish your mother a speedy recovery. Don't worry, everything will be fine. Take care.

Doctor Vikash Kapoor.

And Bhattacharya Orthopedic Newtown

Dr. Vikas Kapoor is the best at Medica

Dr. Suresh kejriwal...ILS Hospital.. dumdum

Doctor Jagannath Bhattacharya ILS hospital, is really good. Every Tuesday at 5 pm

Dr Rakesh rajput cmri

Dr.soumitra sirker
Appollo clinic
Ketopole kol 61

Dr chinmoy nath

Dr Sunil Thakur, orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Vikash Kapoor, Medica

Dr. Indrajit Sardar, Nightangle hospital

Manasi Chatterjee best doctor

Dr Subhashis Deb

Dr. Nikilesh Das
Peerless Hospital.

At the end of September, the same thing happened to my mother. She had an operation on the 28th of September to change her femur ball under the supervision of Dr. Tanvir Momen. Within three months, my mother started walking without a walker. Today, I brought her from Kolkata to Bardhaman, and she walked on her own from the car to do some banking work and then got back into the car. My mother is 65 years old. You can show her to Dr. T. Momen, who is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Kolkata, according to my experience.

Dhakuria EEDF - Dr R home chowdhury

Dr. Gautam Basu
85, Rashbihari Ave. chamber.

DR Kanchan Bhattacharjee, Amri,Saltlake

Baranagor orthopaedic hospital, semi government hospital, Monday to Friday, new patient first 100 ticket from 8 AM to 9 OPD, need to carry aadhar card and 40 RS

Hemiarthroplasti. Dr S Basuroy

Dr. Nikhilesh Das, Peerless hospital

Dr. Amrish Kumar, Dumdum 7 tanks niramaya nursing home

Dr Subrata Basu, Amherstreet ea bosen uni

Dr Tanvir Momen , dillhush hospital

Dr R. Hom. Chowdhury

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