2023-04-21 09:06 watchdoq

Grateful for advice on doctors for the treatment of stuttering and autism in the brain. The patient is 5 years old.

2023-04-21 09:12 watchdoq

Sree chitra tirunal institute for medical sciences and technology Trivandrum Kerala India 695011 phone 04712524454/2524403 fax 9104712446433

Dr, Ravi kumar cp, Bangalore, Aster cmi hospital.amer jana mathe oni akjon best dr.

You can consult with Dr. Maya Thomas, a neurologist at CMC, but getting an appointment with her is not easy.

Nimhans is the best for neurology, and the cost is as low as the price of water.

Dr. Krishna Prabhu or Dr. Joydeb Kumar are the best doctors for treatment in India.

For any advice or information related to treatment costs, hospital expenses, please contact us.

2024-05-04 06:55 Elizabeth Jean Thomas

Phonologix online https://phonologixtherapy.com/
provide treatment of stuttering and other speech problems caused due to neurological disorder.


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