2023-04-21 09:45 watchdoq

Where can I get good treatment for Neuro/Stroke related problems? I have had two strokes, forget words, weakness in left limbs, slight weakness in right hand fingers, difficulty speaking, slight difficulty swallowing (improving), left eye vision problem, and dizziness. Especially, I cannot remember some things at all. Where in India can I get good treatment for such patients? Need suggestions, this is an emergency!!

2023-04-21 09:47 watchdoq

St John medical College hospital Bangalore
Dr Thomas Mathew is the best for these type of problem

NIMHANS, Bangalore

Apollo Kolkata, best neuro team

Dr Gopal Shah at KD hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat

Seeing your problem, I can tell that you should show it to Medanta hospital in Delhi

nimhans Bangalore.

Manipal hospital new delhi

AMRI hospital Dhakuria Kolkata
NIMHANS, Bangalore.

National Institute of Neuroscience ,peerless kolkata


Dr Gopal Shah at KD hospital Ahmedabad.

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