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Severely affected by osteo arthritis, they remain alone, experiencing excruciating pain in their knees and back... They have been seeing an orthopedic doctor for a long time... Despite taking calcium and pain medication, they are still suffering greatly!
It's not possible to change their gait... Can you find a doctor who can help them manage the rest of their life with some peace?

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Dr souporno bose (Homeopathy)

Ojon komate hobe, calcium, vitamin D, diet, physiotherapy ar regular exercise kore, tike thaka jay, paribarik porimondole , kintu ekakitte osombhob

Dr. Sagnik Ray
For any tyoe of arthritis visit a Rheumatologist. SSKM (PG hospital) Rheumatology dept. Also homeopathy treatment.

Dr Kaushik Ghosh, Golpark

Sanghamitra Dasgupta Dr. Santosh Kumar Bellevue. Approx 4.5 Lacs for both legs

Dr Rakesh rajput cmri kolkata

Bhubaneswar AIIMS

Dr. Sadanad Dey, Apollo

cmc vellore rheumatology department

Dr Indrajeet Sardar, good orthopeadic doc,kolkata, park clinic or nightaangle Hospital

Kolkata peerless hospital e Dr. Somnath Dey

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