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I am 30 years old and I take thyroxine75 medicine for thyroid. I never had any breathing problems or allergies before, but for the past few days, it's been difficult for me to breathe deeply. I have to take deep breaths through my mouth. I went to a specialist and got checked with lungs eco, ECG, chest X-ray and everything was normal, but still I am having difficulty breathing. The doctor recommended an inhaler, but did not explain the reason. I don't know which specialist doctor to see now. If anyone in the group has experience with this, any suggestions would be very helpful.

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Go to a Pulmonologist, CMRI dr Raja Dhar

Check for Allergy profile and visit doctor.

Are you having frequent colds? It could be due to dust allergies. Even if it's not, it's good to get two tests done: for vitamin D and B12. Deficiency of these can also cause such problems. I'm telling you from my own experience. Keep an inhaler with you for now. When your throat and nose are blocked, nothing is more helpful than it. There are no side effects either. But it's better to talk to a doctor or consult with a diagnostic center yourself to get the vitamin tests done.

vit D test

Dr Debraj Jash

Dr. Chandramouli Bhattacharya. Peerless hospital. Personal experience is very good.

You may not need a Lung ECO or an X-ray. You should consult two doctors, one chest physician and one ENT specialist. You may need a Chest CT scan, but that will be upon your doctor's advice. It cannot be determined if you have a thyroid problem just by taking 75mg of Thyroid medication. You need to know how much thyroid you have. This much can be understood that you have a thyroid problem.

Dr Partha Sarathi Bhattacharya (Pulmonologist),New Town.

Consult MD medicine or pulmonologist.

Consult pulmonologist, Dr. A. G. Ghoshal at Fortis hospital or Dr. Raja Dhar at CMRI

Dr. Indranil haldar (kalyani )

Dr Raja dhar pulmonologist CMRI hospital

Dr. Raja Dhar

Dr. Dhruba Bhattacharya or Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee. CMRI. For

Dr. Avradip at Nucare Ctscan chowmatha and Narayani.

Dr swarup paul

Dr Sanjay Gupta , Peerless Hospital

Dr B s bala

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