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I have been suffering from a problem for a long time. The problem is that I feel pain in my back every morning. The pain wakes me up from sleep. However, the pain decreases a little while after getting up. The pain does not persist throughout the day. I have consulted a general physician, but I did not receive any significant benefit. The pain varies from day to day. Which type of doctor should I see?

2023-05-05 04:09 watchdoq

Immediately consult a cardiologist. Heart pain often refers to back pain.Spondylolysis can also occur

You should first see a good Internal Medicine doctor and follow their advice to see a specialist doctor. Soumitra Ghosh, a GP or a Nightingale doctor can be consulted. Are you diabetic? Have you done any tests for the pain?

As a homoeopath doctor I know the medicine for the symptoms as morning disease aggravation prescribed medicine is Kali carb 30 and bryonia 30 take alternately each after 2 hours duration.I think that these medicines may give relief.If persists then you may take only one dose sulphur at morning.But the other medicines will be administered as

Durgadas Banerjee Sir, can you please advice medicine for left side hydrocele along with dose and no.of days to be

Take sponging 200 one daily at morning and calcaria floor 200 at night.Pulsatilla 1m weekly.

Please consult an experienced Rheumatologist as soon as possible because it is a rheumatic disease.

There are 3 types of medicine treatments as far as I know :- NSAID, Corticosteriods, Anti-TNF drugs. Also, you need to undergo regular physiotherapy sessions, at first by a physiotherapist, then you can do the exercises on your own once memorize them all.

This disease is non-curable but proper drug therapy with physioterapy management will make the degenerative progression slower.

Dr. Jibak Mukherjee,
Microlap nursing home, Deshopriyo park.

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