2023-04-21 07:41 watchdoq

Is it possible to talk to any doctor from Velore or CMC online? Or do you know anyone among you who could not go to India during this Corona time but communicated online with a doctor and received treatment under his supervision? If you can tell me, then I will be very grateful if you can tell me how you contacted them.

2023-04-21 07:43 watchdoq

If you have previously seen a doctor, you can contact them via email in the department they showed you. Make sure to mention your own name along with the Kris card number. Your doctor will reply to your email from that department. I have been in contact with the Neurology department since 2019.

2023-04-21 07:49 watchdoq

The earlier you take it, the better, because in most departments, there is no empty slot for Doctor Serial for up to 90 days.

2023-04-21 09:04 watchdoq

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