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Which doctor can see my mother's oral cancer and how can we get an appointment

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Dr.amit tickawari cmc vellor is best doctor

Cancer treatment depends on its extent and staging. You can understand this if you have PET CT scan and core biopsy reports. In stages 1/2, surgical options are available, so the chances of recovery are much higher. In stage 3, surgical options are not available in many cases, so the likelihood of cancer spreading increases. Even if the patient recovers, cancer can recur multiple times. In stage 4, the patient usually has to live with cancer, and doctors try to extend the patient's life duration with treatment. My advice is, if it's stage 4, then it's not appropriate to take the patient to India. If stage 4 treatment is done in the country, it will cost less for the patient's relatives. If it's stage 1/2/3, then you must take the patient to India. In this case, choose a hospital where the patient can start treatment as soon as he/she arrives. Some hospitals have some waiting time after the patient arrives, and in some cases, it may take up to 25 days to start treatment. For example, CMCH Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital.

There is no doubt about the treatment of these two hospitals. However, starting treatment at these two hospitals takes a lot of time, which is a very dangerous matter for a cancer patient. And Tata Memorial Hospital incurs expenses in some areas like other private hospitals. In my opinion, there are many more hospitals in India besides these two hospitals which provide fast and advanced treatment at comparatively lower costs. Such as American Oncology Institute, Care Hospital, Manipal Hospital and Fortis Hospital.

I am only trying to emphasize how important it is for a cancer patient. Therefore, all hospitals that provide prompt treatment for cancer patients are better than other hospitals for them.

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