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My mother had a tumor in her ovary. After the operation, cancer was found again in her stomach. The report from Rajshahi says it's stage 4. What should we do now?

Which hospital will be good?
How much will it cost?
How can we make an appointment?

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CMC - India

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai or Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai

Tata medical center Kolkata

CMC Vellore is the best and right choice.

Don't go to CMC please, you should go to any TATA memorial cancer hospital in India

If the patient's illness is cancer, then ... always treat them in a specialized cancer hospital. Here are the names of some of India's specialized cancer hospitals. Although there are a few others as well, they may not be comparable in terms of quality with these 6 hospitals, which are either government-run or small private hospitals.
Firstly, I must say that CMCH is not one of them, because the minimum protocol of a cancer hospital, "Treatment from the first day," cannot be met with the additional pressure of patients. Although it is an overall good hospital.
List of good cancer hospitals in India:

Apollo Proton Chennai
HCG - Bengaluru
American Oncology - Hyderabad
Tata Centre - Kolkata
Tata memorial - Mumbai
Aditya Birla memorial cancer hospital, Pune
Amrita Hospital , Faridabad, Delhi ( biggest hospital in India with 2600 beds and oncology doctors are from AIMS and other reputed institute )

These 7 hospitals are arranged in ascending order of cost, while maintaining the same quality. There should be no question about the quality of Tata Memorial Hospital, but like CMC, it is under pressure from an influx of extra patients. It takes a month and a half to begin treatment. Therefore, going to any of these hospitals may result in advanced cancer stages. So, although good hospitals are desirable, they may not be good for all patients. It's best to avoid them. Aditya Birla Memorial Cancer Hospital is the least expensive of the hospitals on this list. It's a trust-run hospital with a service-oriented mindset. Most of the doctors here are from Tata. However, people who are undergoing financial difficulties can receive financial assistance from the trust for operations if they submit the appropriate documentation, but treatment is not entirely free. It's available at a lower cost. The hospital has its own quarters right in front of it. There, for only 333 rupees a day, one can stay in a single room flat, and for 1000 rupees a day, one can stay in a two-room flat and cook their own food.

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