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What will be the minimum cost for breast cancer treatment (chemo + surgery) in CMC

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It is difficult to accurately estimate the cost of treatment at CMC Hospital, and only those with actual experience can provide comments. However, it can be generally said that the cost will be among the lowest in India. Based on my personal experience in 2018, the cost of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy for breast cancer was 6 lakh rupees.

Apollo Proton Chennai
HCG - Bengaluru
American Oncology - Hyderabad
Tata Centre - Kolkata
Tata memorial - Mumbai
Aditya Birla memorial cancer hospital, Pune

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• American Oncology Institute
• Aditya Birla Cancer Hospital
• Apollo Chennai
• CyteCare

HCG Manavata Mumbai
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Dr hari goyal from Artemis hospital Delhi ncr gurugram

Tata medical center hospital in kolkata.

CMC vellore is the best of all

To speak about getting cancer treatment in India, it is necessary to know your financial capability. Within budget, you can receive the best treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and CMC Vellore. In the private sector, you can visit Apollo in Chennai, Aditya Birla in Pune, and American Oncology in Hyderabad. If you need to receive treatment for a long time in India, CMC Vellore is unparalleled in terms of cost and quality, although it may take a little longer. I stayed there for nine months with my sister at Saratinagar, Vellore, renting a house. Thank you, Vellore. TreatFly, the only Bangladeshi medical consultancy firm, will come to have tea right next to you in Kolkata's Thakurpukur. "Saroj Dev Cancer Center and Research Institute" is located very close to Kolkata, with the cost of CMC Hospital being normal, and the cost of Tata Hospital being much higher.

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