2023-04-19 06:03 watchdoq

The report from PG Hospital shows 99% damage in my nephew's left kidney. Now I am going to India. If you know of any hospital or doctor who can provide good treatment, please let me know. My nephew is 6.5 years old.

2023-04-19 06:04 watchdoq

Fortis and Apollo Delhi is best for the same

2023-04-19 06:04 watchdoq

RN Tagore Hospital Mokondapur Kolkata. Fortes Hospital Kolkata.

2023-04-19 06:04 watchdoq

CMC Vellore

2023-04-19 06:05 watchdoq

Chennai Apollo Hospital

2023-04-21 07:53 watchdoq

Manipal hospital bangalore
dr bissonath

Vellore, CMC, Tamilnadu,India

CMC is the best!

Manipal hospital Bangalore

Basically there is no any special treatment in anywhere of the world for kidney diseases. In initial stage lifestyle change with control of Protein intake are the main treatment of Kidney and at the last stage dialysis is only the treatment. Alternatively transplant is the another treatment. You can see any nephrologist in any hospital .

HIIMS Hospital

National medical hospital / P.G hospital..

RN Tagore Hospital
Mukundupur Kolkata

What is the best hospital for kidney treatment in India?
How many doctors are there who specialize in CMCH hospital?
I am not saying CMCH hospital is bad.
But in Chennai, there are many hospitals with better medical standards.
But this is a relative comparison, the difference is minimal.
You need to keep your eyes and ears open everywhere to get good service.
But one thing, make sure you have booked your train or plane ticket before you go.
You will get answers to everything including expenses, accommodation, food, communication, currency exchange, market, test expenses, train ticket, plane ticket, appointment, dollar rate, etc. in this video. However, it cannot be seen directly. I have written the information inside.

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