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My mother has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2018. She experiences unbearable pain in every joint of her hands and feet, and they become swollen and red. Please tell me the name of a good Rheumatologist and where they are located.

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Dr.Parthajit Das
Appolo Glengles Hospital & JBC Hospital at Saltlake

Dr Alakendu gosh or Dr Shaymasis Bandopadhyay

Best option is CMC Vellore Dr Debasish Danda. My mother was going under treatment from 2007 under Dr Shaymasis Bandopadhyay. No specific treatment for this, need to be under control by medicine, food, light joint movement and mobility.

Dr Arup kundu, shyam bazar, Ex NRS head of dept then R.G Kar hospital

Dr Sanjib Sengupta (kasba suraksha)

Dr. Parthajit Das, Apollo Gleneagles

In Vellore, there are many good rheumatologists besides Dr. Debashis Dand. Dr. Ruchika Goel and Dr. P Sandhya are quite good, but Dr. Dand is the best without a doubt.

I have been a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2008. Now I am doing very well. I go to see Dr. Debashish Danda at CMC, Vellore. He is the head of the department and I am sure you will get good results. Apart from him, I also went to see Dr. Alokananda Ghosh and Dr. M.M. Ray, and Dr. Indrajit Sardar, but although Dr. Indrajit Sardar is an orthopedic doctor, he is better.

Dr S. K. Mandal - R. N. Tagore

SSKM Hospital rheumatology OPD - Mon, Wed, Friday

Chennai Apollo Dr. V.V. Kaushik

SSKM DR ALAKENDU GHOSH, one of the best rheumatologist in Asia

Shyamasish Das, Institute of neuroscience Kolkata

Dr.Parthajit Das, Apollo Clinic,Saltlake City Centre

Dr alokendu ghosh. Pg (Salt lake Asclepius)

Dr. Abhra Chanda Chowdhury, CMRI

I have seen that Dr. Alakendu Ghosh is a very good doctor, but he does not offer any treatment in allopathy. He only provides pain-relieving medication and steroids as a last resort. I am saying this based on my mother's experience. In some cases, treatment is done using acupuncture, but that can cause various other discomforts. I had once consulted him for my foot pain, and he had given me acupuncture treatment, which had led to severe gastric trouble. Later, the problem was reduced through exercise. My mother had also recovered from hiccups after treatment with acupuncture.

Dr Alakendu Ghosh

Dr shmasish bandopadhyay in Apollo
Or Dr Akbar ahemed in Apollo

Dr Sukumar Mukherjee

Dr Parashar Ghosh, amri, sskm, samaritan.

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SSKM Hospital. Department of physical medicine.

Dr Sucheta Mondal
Go to CMC, Vellore.

Dr p. Chandrasekhar


R.N..Tagore Hospital. Dr.Santosh Mandal.


Dr. Alakendu Ghosh is one of the renowned rheumatologists in Kolkata - Professor and Head of the dept. of Rheumatology at SSKM
Chamber -
Sai Complex
KB-16, KB Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700098, , PH :33 -23353136.

Dr parasar ghosh..sskm..amri

Dr Parasar Ghosh

Dr Shyamasis Bandhyopadhyay Apollo Hospital Kolkata

Dr prasanta kumar goswami (near acropolis mall kasba)

Dr Khera Madhab Das, N G. Medicare.

Dr. Atanu Paul, 5 point nursing home..

Bon hoogly rheumatic hospital, BONHOOGLY.

Dr Parasar Ghosh

Dr Abhrajit roy ( fortis anandapur )


Sskm hospital, department of clinical immunology & rheumatology. Mon, wed, fri day opd

P G hospital

CMC Vellore.

Dr. D. Bandyopadhya, EEDF

Dr Alokendu Ghosh, Dr Sukumar Mukherjee

CMC Vellore
Doctor debasish danda
Kolkata Apollo
Syamasis Bandyopadhyay

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