BGS Gleneagles Hospital in Bengaluru Pioneers Holistic Healing with Integrative Medicine

BGS Gleneagles Hospital in Bengaluru Pioneers Holistic Healing with Integrative Medicine

Written by Watchdoq Newsportal. October 30, 2023

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – In a groundbreaking development, BGS Gleneagles Hospital in Bengaluru has taken a significant leap in redefining healthcare in India by introducing its Integrative Medicine and Research Department. As one of the first corporate hospitals in the country to embrace this approach, BGS Gleneagles Hospital is poised to set new standards for patient care, focusing on holistic well-being.

The Road to Holistic Healing

The hospital's Integrative Medicine and Research Department, launched on October 27th, marks a significant step towards holistic healing. The first phase of the program includes therapies such as Yoga, Reiki, Medical Nutrition, and Psychotherapy. This holistic approach aims to not only address physical health but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of patients.

Dr. Crystal D'Souza, Head of Department and Consultant in Integrative Medicine & Research at BGS Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri, Bengaluru, highlights, “Integrative medicine is evidence-based and takes a comprehensive approach to healing. It integrates traditional medical practices with complementary therapies to achieve optimal health and foster healing.”

Elevating Patient-Centered Healthcare

Biju Nair, Cluster COO Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru, expressed his enthusiasm for being at the forefront of this global movement. He emphasized the importance of tailoring healthcare to meet each patient's unique needs. He pointed out that globally recognized institutions have already embraced Integrative Medicine for the value it adds to the patient's well-being.

Voices of Support and Encouragement

During the inaugural event, several prominent guests shared their thoughts on this transformative healthcare initiative. Prof. Rajeev Gowda, Vice-Chancellor of SITK, Govt. of Karnataka, acknowledged that this innovation would significantly impact patient care, emphasizing the importance of holistic healing. Dr. Manjunath Sharma NK, Pro VC and Director of Research at S-Vyasa University, noted that Integrative Medicine aligns with the age-old belief in "Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam," promoting health in the healthy, in addition to treating illness. Renowned Sandalwood actress, Mrs. Sudha Belwadi, emphasized the pressing need for comprehensive approaches to healing in a world filled with stress and its associated health concerns.

The Role of Complementary Therapies

Experts at the event, including Sumalatha, a psychologist and author; Karthigai Selvi, Chief Nutritionist; and Dr. Rakshita, a Yoga Physician, highlighted the pivotal role of often underestimated complementary approaches such as Reiki, Nutrition, Yoga, and Naturopathy in driving holistic patient healing.

Transforming Lives, One Patient at a Time

The Integrative Medicine and Research Department at BGS Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru, is poised to be a game-changer in healthcare. By enhancing the quality of life for patients and offering a more comprehensive approach to their healthcare journey, this innovative initiative reflects BGS Gleneagles Hospital's unwavering commitment to patient-centered care.

About BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Kengeri, Bengaluru

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in Kengeri, Bengaluru, is one of Karnataka's leading multi-organ transplant and tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals. Specializing in Gastroenterology, Cancer Care, Neurosciences, Renal Sciences, and Cardiac Sciences, this NABH and NABL accredited hospital boasts 450 beds and cutting-edge emergency and critical care management, including a modern Cath Lab, operation theaters, and advanced imaging services. Over one and a half decades of clinical excellence have resulted in tie-ups with major cashless health insurance providers and made the hospital the preferred choice for large corporations in the region.

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